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The FFC Wacker is looking for you!

To strengthen the FFC Wacker, we are looking for the following support:

More information will follow in a personal conversation:

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Sporting management


What to bring:

  • Relevant and long-term experience in clubs with good youth work

  • Valid football coaching license (alternatively, sports instructor license from the BLSV)

  • Reliable character

  • Communication, criticism, teamwork, assertiveness and steadfastness


Your tasks are:

  • Close cooperation with the youth management

  • Revise the existing sporting concept and use it to design a game and training concept for all trainers

  • Organize training and further education for trainers or provide assistance (goal: trainer license for all trainers) 

  • Develop sporting targets before each season

  • Checking and monitoring the implementation of sporting specifications (quality management)

  • Optimize recruiting in the youth sector

  • Obligation to report to the youth board  



Youth management


What to bring:

  • Communication skills

  • Team and conflict skills

  • Organizational and coordinative skills

  • Empathy and understanding,

  • Experience in dealing with children and adolescents

  • Previous knowledge of the legal basis (e.g. duty of supervision, protection of minors, insurance protection)


Your tasks are:

  • Coordination of the entire youth work of the association,

  • Preparation, convening and conducting of meetings in cooperation with the sports management, especially trainer meetings

  • Acquisition and support of qualified trainers / supervisors

  • Maintaining contact with youth trainers, sports organizations, kindergartens / schools, communities and parents,

  • (Co-) organization of game operations as well as sporting and non-sporting events in the youth sector (e.g. tournaments, action days, club parties, excursions), in this context the corresponding MSJ applications must be submitted

  • strategic planning and further development of the youth department

  • Obligation to report to the youth board  



Youth Coordinator


What to bring:

  • Structured, responsible and reliable work

  • Organizational skills

  • Engaged in the implementation of goals

  • Experience in dealing with children


Your tasks are:

  • Close cooperation with the sports management as well as with the youth management,

  • Creation of a time and training (place) plan for all small-field teams and large-field teams,

  • Ensure that all necessary training equipment is available or supplemented and that the required jersey sets are available,

  • In cooperation with the trainer team, ensures that the equipment chamber is clean and tidy

  • Contact person for all trainers in the youth field





We warmly welcome coaches or coaching teams who want to become active in a young, motivated women's football club. Be there when women's football breaks new ground in Munich and we give performance-oriented women's football a new face. (A coaching license is not absolutely necessary, we support you and enable you to acquire a coaching license.)

What to bring:

  • Knowledge of football (especially from the under 13s and in the adult sector, experience in coaching and / or a trainer / trainer certificate is desirable)

  • Having fun with children (in the child / youth area)

  • Structured, responsible  and reliable, both independently and in a team

  • Engagement  in the implementation of goals

  • Experience in dealing with children (in the area of children and adolescents)

  • Participation in further training is desirable


Your tasks are:

  • Management or support of training operations

  • Organization and implementation of game operations (competition day)

  • Close cooperation with the youth management, the sports management and the small / large field coordination

  • Contact person for parents

Active players


The FFC Wacker is still looking for talented and high-performance players, especially from the U13, in order to guarantee, among other things, the foundation and the offspring for our high-class playing teams. A certain “basic talent” is required in the lower age groups.


What to bring:

  • talent

  • Tactical and technical knowledge as well as mental and physical strengths

  • Teamwork

  • Commitment and commitment in training and games

Sportliche Leitung
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