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You want to be a member  at FFC Wacker Munich?

The following fees are charged per season:
Membership fee (active): 180 euros

Membership fee (passive): 100 euros

Family contribution (more than one active member): 220 euros

Active member:

Please make an appointment for a trial training first .

If you enjoyed the trial training, fill out the membership application and pass it on to your trainer.

Passive member:
Please fill out the membership application directly and send it to

Thank you very much for your support.

Membership application:

Data protection declaration for members:


Anmeldung als Mitglied:

Per Email an:



Mitgliedsbeitrag (aktiv): 180 EUR

Mitgliedsbeitrag (passiv): 100 EUR

Familienbeitrag (mehr als ein aktives Mitglied): 220 EUR

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